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Coming 2023 ... A marriage of convenience, enemies to lovers ROMCOM by Taryn Daniels

Hi Book Buddies,

It's me Taryn Daniels and I'm excited about the next instalment to the Nantucket Romantic Comedies series.

In book 1, Amnesia on Nantucket, we meet Melanie. The next book, Bride at First Sight is about her sister, Trina. Melanie, Adam, Pam, Dalton and little Rex weave in and out of the story. Well, let's say that Rex does more than weave. He nearly knocks over the wedding cake. That kid!

Anyway, some of the cousins of Nantucket will be there too and Marg & Steve who manage the Rose Resort.

So what's the story all about?

Okay, let me give you a quick snapshot:


In the tangled web of "Bride at First Sight," I find myself reluctantly chosen as the bride of none other than the infuriatingly charming pro basketball player, Liam Ashley. Oh, joy! I despise him with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. But, hey, who needs peace and harmony when you can have a reality TV show centered around an arranged marriage?

Liam, with his obnoxious charm and annoyingly irresistible smile, is falling head over heels for me, much to my chagrin. It's like a nightmare come true. While I'm busy giving him the side-eye, he's over there melting like a lovesick puppy. And the audacity of this man, trying to win me over after I wrote that scathing article about him. Talk about awkward.

As the cameras capture every moment of our reluctantly entangled lives, we're thrust into challenges to test our relationship and faced with an endless stream of reality TV drama. But amidst the chaos, something strange begins to happen. Despite our mutual animosity, there are fleeting moments of genuine connection and undeniable chemistry. Ugh, who needs that kind of complication?

Prepare yourselves for a wild ride through the battleground of love and hate. Will Trina's walls crumble under Liam's irresistible charm? Can Liam convince Trina that there's more to him than meets the eye, even if it means enduring her withering sarcasm? Get ready for "Bride at First Sight," where enemies become partners and hearts get entangled in a mess of sarcastic banter, unexpected twists, and love-hate antics that'll have you both laughing and rolling your eyes in disbelief.