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We'll find you new readers in your genre. Great for starting a review team and making connections with potential buyers.

How does it work?

You gain new subscribers when you offer a free sample of your work in the form of a short story, novella or first in the series novel. This way, new readers don't need to take a risk on a new-to-them author. They receive a free story in exchange for joining your mailing list. From there, you build a connection with these new readers and let them know about your other books and new releases. It's a great way to form a review team too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many subscribers can I expect each month?

Depending on the genre and length of the book magnet (free story), will determine the approximate response of sign-ups. For popular genres like romance, we've had authors gain anywhere from 200 to 400 subscribers in the first month. Non-fiction works usually gain less from about 50-100 new subscribers in a month.

When does the month start?

Once you've sent us your epub file, book cover jpeg file and a book description, we can create a landing page and start promoting your free story. We prefer a week before the calendar month so we can add your book to genre promotions with other authors.

When do I get my list of subscribers?

At the end of each calendar month, we send you the .csv spreadsheet file of your new subscribers. Information gathered will be their first name, email address, and country.

Can I continue after 3mths?

For sure! You simply need to purchase the audience accelerator again for 1, 2 or 3 more months.