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Fake Dating My Grumpy Billionaire Boss

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Going with my grumpy billionaire boss to a charity ball sounded simple enough. But now Dalton wants to teach me to waltz and my two left feet have a mind of their own. Even though I’ve stomped his poor toes to a pulp, Dalton's determined to spin me around the ballroom flawlessly for the big event. Little does he know I've got butterflies doing backflips in my stomach that have nothing to do with dancing. Maybe I'm not as immune to his dreamy eyes and delicious cologne as I thought. 

Oh boy. Fake-dating my boss is a bad idea…and what if the feelings become real? How can I work with him after that kiss? Especially when his interfering mother thinks I’m just after his money to support my little boy. 

With my heart and my son's at stake, I have to find a way to make this arrangement work without losing my job.

If you enjoyed The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory, you'll love the whirlwind of emotions in the sweet romantic comedy, Fake Dating My Grumpy Billionaire Boss.

Download now and be swept away to gorgeous Nantucket Island and experience heart-warming unexpected love.

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